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The new exit on the southbound off-ramp from the N1 on to Allandale Road, opening this weekend, is the next step in the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project.
THE South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) will be marking another milestone in its Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project with the opening of the N1 southbound off-ramp on the Allandale Interchange, between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

From 5pm on 3 April, motorists travelling on the N1 southbound from Pretoria to Kyalami or Kempton Park via the Allandale Interchange will get to Allandale Road from the N1 via a new exit to the off-ramp, according to Felix Sebata, the Sanral public relations officer.

Allandale off-ramp
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The agency made the announcement on 1 April. The new exit to the off-ramp is about one kilometre before the existing temporary exit.

Sebata said: “The new off-ramp is the entrance point to a collector-distributor (C-D) road system that separates freeway traffic from off- and on-ramp traffic.

“The C-D road runs parallel to the freeway with access from and to the freeway at the start and end points only. Motorists should note that the C-D road is separated from the freeway with a barrier and are therefore requested to pay special attention to the new directional signage for guidance to the entrance point of the C-D road.”

Construction work on the exit of the C-D road, which is the entrance to the freeway, is not complete yet. It will be opened in the near future.

“[This] change is not expected to significantly improve traffic flow on the Allandale Interchange, but will merely improve specific flows as construction progresses.”

The full conversion of the Allandale Interchange into a free-flow interchange is scheduled to open in May.

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