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Electricity tariffs in Johannesburg are not going up by 35 percent. The draft increase is 18 percent, which has yet to be approved, says the City.
THE City has not yet adopted the various tariffs of charges and assessment rates for the 2011/12 financial year, contrary to a newspaper report.

A front page article that appeared in the newspaper on 8 June, alleged that electricity tariffs had been approved with a 35 percent increase.

“Council has as yet not adopted the various tariffs of charges and assessment rates for the 2011/12 financial year,” said Joburg’s communications spokesperson, Virgil James. “These will only be approved on budget speech day, 29 June 2011, and become effective from 1 July.”

In addition, the annual average electricity increase is not 35 percent. It remains 18 percent, according to James.

Domestic electricity rates comprise a service, network and energy charge. Energy charge refers to cents per kilowatt hour. This charge makes up 35 percent of the whole; it is not the increase each year in what consumers have to pay, as has been suggested.

It is also necessary in terms of Section 17 of the Municipal Finance Management Act for the City to consult with residents in public participation processes by drawing up draft resolutions that set municipal rates and tariffs.

Residents are then invited to comment on the draft resolutions. The City carried out these duties accordingly, James said. “The public participation process was duly advertised in March in several newspapers including The Star, on radio, the City’s website and copies were available at all Council regional offices calling for public comment and input on the draft tariffs.

“The entire month of April was dedicated to this process,” he said.

The Draft Tariffs for 2011/2012 appear on the City’s website.




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