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Inner city regeneration is again in the public eye, with nominations open for the annual Halala Joburg Awards. Nominations close on 18 April.
THE annual Halala Joburg Awards are back, recognising private sector investors who are developing and building inner city properties.


JDA chief executive Thanduxolo MendrewMany things have been accomplished, says JDA chief executive Thanduxolo MendrewNominations are now officially open for individuals and projects, including companies (from micro to multinational), consortiums, public private partnerships, joint ventures and individual representatives, among others. Nominations close on 18 April.

There are specific criteria required for nominations, available online. This year marks the fourth time the awards are being made, as well as the 10th anniversary of the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), which hosts the awards.

At the official opening of nominations on 15 March at the JDA head office in Newtown, Thanduxolo Mendrew, the agency’s chief executive officer, said: “Halala simply means ‘congratulations, well done’. It signifies admiration, contentment and joy.

“In the spirit of this happiness, I would like to mention something else very close to my heart. The JDA celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Now, 10 years is not a very long time … but things can be – and have been – accomplished in 10 years that surprise us when we look back,” he said.

“The JDA has been building a better inner city for a decade. This year Halala Joburg Awards celebrates our achievement in making a better inner city.”

These awards, in seven categories, recognise and honour people, projects and places that attempt to improve the quality of life in the inner city and ensure that the vibrant heart of Joburg continues to provide the steady rhythm of both growth and development.

Individual nominations must identify people who have sustained, verifiable and recognised contributions to the built environment, quality of life and social cohesion of the inner city.

Projects submitted should be within the inner city (Region F) and must have made a substantial difference to the City’s regeneration mandate. Nominating oneself is also possible, through completing the Trigger Nomination Form.


Nominations for the 2011 Halala Awards are now openNominations for the 2011 Halala Awards are now openAll nomination trigger forms must be completed by the nominator detailing the contact details of the nominated project or person; if the details are incorrect, the trigger form will not go forward into the application stage.

Once a nomination has been triggered, an application form for the appropriate category will be forwarded to the nominee. This must be fully completed in the format provided, and all requested information and support materials must be provided in line with the application requirements and format.

All application forms must be signed by the person responsible for submitting the application and by the senior project manager, showing their agreement to abide by and provide all application rules and regulations and support material.

All completed, signed applications must be handed to reception at the JDA, the Bus Factory, 3 President Street, in Newtown. An email or SMS will be sent out once the application has been received.

An adjudication panel appointed by the JDA, comprising individuals with appropriate expertise and a depth of knowledge in regeneration, development, investment and social development, will make an assessment of the entries and draw up the shortlist and winners in each category.

Shortlisted nominees will be required to give a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation at the Halala Joburg Showcase Seminar in June.

The seven categories are: Living Joburg, Working and Buying Joburg, Relaxing and Playing Joburg, Sustainable Joburg, Caring Joburg, Believing in Joburg – the Stan Nkosi Achievement Award, and the Colosseum Award for conservation.

Living Joburg, sub-themed “Not houses but homes”, recognises residential projects that provide the best possible innovative, progressive and inclusive housing that addresses the needs of inner city residents. Recognition is for new projects, refurbishments, regeneration projects, building improvements, innovative building management and maintenance programmes and initiatives.

Previous winners in this category include: 2008 laureate JHC Brickfields Housing Project, 2008 laureate Madulamoho Housing Association, 2008 laureate Mapungubwe Hotel Apartments, 2009 laureate Leungo Investments: Ashanti & Dogon Buildings, 2009 laureate Sambro House, Afhco Holdings, 2009 laureate Sara Leon Building, Lorentzville and 2010 laureate 9 Saratoga by Harmony Galz and Afhco Cavendish Chambers.


2010 Halala Winner: the Zurich building2010 Halala Winner: The Zurich buildingWorking and Buying Joburg, sub-themed “Creating a business destination”, recognises innovative, exciting and striking commercial and retail developments, including mixed use projects irrespective of size or scale. Previous winner have included 2008 laureate WORKS@registry, 2009 laureate Olitzki Property Holdings and 2010 laureate the Zurich Building.

Relaxing and Playing Joburg, sub-themed “The recreation destination”, has a strong focus on creative and innovative uses of the built environment to provide recreation experiences. Previous winners include 2008 laureate Olitzki Property Holdings, Gandhi Square, 2009 laureate Smart Gym and 2010 laureate Arts on Main.

Sustaining Joburg, sub-themed “Green buildings, green city”, recognises people and projects that have applied innovative, environmentally sound and sensitive approaches, use and maintenance to built environment investment, regeneration and development of the inner city. These include projects that incorporate sustainable and innovative use of green materials anchored in the philosophy of “reduce, reuse and recycle” in their design.

Previous winners in this category include 2009 laureate Main Street Mall.

Caring Joburg, sub-themed “Supporting Joburg’s citizens”, recognises selfless and community-minded individuals, volunteer groups and organisations that create the “caring heart” of the city. Previous winners include 2008 laureate Metro Evangelical Services (MES), 2009 laureate Makhulong A Matala (JHC), 2009 laureate CityKidz Pre and Primary School (Afhco Holdings), 2009 laureate Friends of the Inner City Forum and 2010 laureate Missionaries of Charity: Mother Teresa Home.

Achievement award
Believing in Joburg – The Stan Nkosi Achievement Award is sub-themed “Joburg the home of innovators, investors and implementers”. In honouring the late JDA chairman, Stan Nkosi, this category recognises those who display the same degree of commitment and development values, and share his allegiance to sustaining the inner city.

An essential criterion exists in this category as nominees must have a long-standing reputation among their peers and the community alike in the field of the built environment. Previous winners include 2008 laureate Neil Fraser, 2009 laureate Not Awarded and 2010 laureate Ishmael Mkhabela.

And lastly Conserving Joburg – The Colosseum Award, with its sub-theme “Joburg past, present and future”, is open to a developer or owner for an outstanding achievement in conserving a building or group of buildings or any other element of urban heritage, valued for its historical, social, scientific and architectural significance and which would have otherwise been lost.

This award recognises exemplary work in conserving heritage buildings in the inner city that meets certain renovation criteria.

Previous winners in this category include 2009 laureate Turbine Hall Square, Tiber Group, 2009 laureate Old Reserve Bank Building, Motsepe Architects, 2009 laureate Beacon Royal, City Re-mix and 2010 laureate Numsa Head Office.

Over the past 16 years, the inner city has, through tremendous investment, undergone much development and growth. The Halala Joburg Awards acknowledge those who have the courage to ensure that the inner city remains a viable destination for investment, regeneration and development, providing a good quality of life for residents and an exciting place to relax and work.

The JDA, through the support of the City, honours individuals, developments, projects and programmes with the intention of:

Encouraging extraordinary effort;
Recognising exceptional effort that breaks new ground in urban regeneration;
Advancing sustainable economic growth, community wellbeing and the quality of life of Joburg residents;
Fostering originality;
Recognising pioneering programmes and innovative projects initiated by audacious thinkers whose passion has opened new horizons in decaying areas;
Encouraging participation, equality and inclusivity;
Recognising commitment and dedication to fostering partnerships, initiating joint programmes; and
Catalysing sustainable developments which promote social harmony.
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