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Throw a party at the Joburg Zoo. The party package includes some special treats, and offers a great outdoors venue for celebrations with family and friends.
THE Johannesburg Zoo has a family fun party package where people can spend quality time with their friends and loved ones, surrounded by nature.


Get to touch live animalsGet to touch live animals“Have a thrill of getting close to animals in their naturalistic zoo homes,” says Candice Segal, the acting brand and communications manager at the zoo. “You, your family and friends can gain shared values about wildlife and caring for the natural world.”

It serves a larger purpose, too, as your fun translates into enhanced care of the zoo’s animals. “By choosing the zoo, your visit will help us maintain our high standard of animal husbandry, environmental education and in situ support of certain species,” she explains.

These species include the southern ground hornbill and assorted amphibians such as painted reed frogs and guttural toads, to name only a few.

The package has recently had a makeover to improve what it offers and “ensure the customer gets a well-devised and unique birthday party”. It has been in place since mid-May and has “incorporated ideas used by zoos around the world and blended [them] into the original family fun day package”.

It was updated to serve as an additional party option for children since there was such demand for it. “We usually promote our various tours for kids to have their parties, but we wanted to give the public a product specifically designed for this request.”

The family fun programme caters for groups of 15 to 30 people and comprises a half-hour animal visit or encounter, a half-hour themed treasure hunt and an hour-long party in a private venue. The base package costs R3 000 for 15 people, with R130 charged for each additional person.

It is also possible to organise a private ferry ride or face painter for the children at extra cost; the ferry tour costs R700, while the face painter costs R500.


Plenty of fun for kidsPlenty of fun for kidsFestivities usually kick off at 10am, but can vary according to factors such as the arrival time of guests. If the extras are chosen, the ferry ride is booked from 2pm and takes one hour, while the face painter is available between 12pm and 2pm.

This package is on offer throughout the year, and can be organised for any day of the week, although on weekends and public holidays it is only available between 10am and 1pm. There is a limit on the number of people that can attend; the maximum group size is 30. There also needs to be a minimum of three adults per 12 children.

Tables and chairs are provided by the zoo, but you must take your own food and drink. Alternatively, the zoo can take care of the catering; you must phone Cafe Fino on the premises to find out more about menu options. The number is 011 646 3931.

It is also possible to take your own decorations, but as some items are prohibited at the zoo, such as balloons, alcohol, music, straws, bats and balls, it is recommended that you find out from the zoo if your decorations are allowed beforehand.

Bookings need to be made at least three weeks in advance, and the base package payment of R3 000 is due in full within 48 hours of a booking being confirmed. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, a full refund will be given if you notify the zoo in writing seven working days ahead of your booking.

For booking details, contact Leesel van Louw or Candice Segal from the zoo’s marketing department on 011 646 2000 or emailing Van Louw on

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