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Who will win the gold, and the city, before the vault self-destructs – the greedy, power-mad Global Union of Nations, or the rebel faction Gold Liberation Front? Get to Gold Reef City to find out.
SOME cities may have been built on rock ’n roll, but Johannesburg’s foundations are firmly rooted in all that glitters and is gold. And this is why the city is under siege and on countdown towards G-Day, when the vault of gold underneath Joburg must be opened before it self-destructs.


HeidiStreets of Gold is a classical musical production, says producer Heidi PretoriusCivilians will be caught in the middle of this terrible conflict between the warring factions. The Global Union of Nations (GUN) and rebel group Gold Liberation Front (GLF) are in fighting mood and the streets will only get more treacherous as G-Day – on 24 March – draws ever nearer.

Prefect Flora von Higgins leads the mercenary GUN, plotting alongside corrupt gold-digger Defence Minister Moro, Jabulani Bond and the temptress Sheba to get their hands on the money before insurgent GLF leader Viddy Civille and his gang of bandits do.

Civille has on his side two beautiful women, courageous Cassandra and Von Higgins’ own daughter Lily, who is in love with the guerrilla chief. The streetwise Ngudu 9 adds some gangster magic to Civille’s arsenal, with skills to give the GUN a serious run for their money.

The only question is: which side will get the gold and what will this mean for the future of the city?

“The GUN alone can restore to people their irrefutable rights as we are the elected body,” said Von Higgins at a press conference to alert people to the coming G-Day. “The GLF is an anarchic rebel entity and a band of malcontents.”

And she had a word of warning, too: “If the press keeps excessively reporting on the GLF, we will consider it collusion and take action against it.”

In answer to queries about her wayward daughter, Von Higgins said: “I have simply disowned [her].”

She refused to answer any more questions and swept out of the room in a flurry of black cape, leaving the people behind to contemplate the likelihood of survival.

Streets of Gold
This is the storyline of the upcoming musical Streets of Gold. The coming weeks are going to be exciting ones for Joburg, even if the battle between the good, the bad and the greedy is only the storyline for the show, at Gold Reef City.


Tumisho MashaTumisho Masha is Jabulani Bond“At the heart of it, it is classical musical theatre,” says producer Heidi Pretorius. “It revolves around gold as an economic and social resource, and explores universal issues.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but it is blow-away stuff and there is something really special coming.”

Vicky Friedman, the co-producer, director and choreographer, concurs by saying: “It is about love, gold, corruption and is a story about the hunt and dash to the finish. The crux of the story is, ‘Who will get there first?’”

The all-star cast includes Fiona Ramsay as the despotic Flora von Higgins; Mark Richardson as her sidekick Defence Minister Moro; Amor Vittone as greedy temptress Sheba; Tumisho Masha as Jabulani Bond; Carmen Pretorius as Flora’s wayward daughter Lily; Shaun V as the rebel leader Viddy Civille; Samantha Peo as Cassandra; and Phumi Mncayi as hip-hop gangster Ngudu 9.

The group is made up of triple threats. “By triple threat, I don’t mean they have three ways to kill you,” says Masha, who plays the conflicted Bond. “It means they can sing, dance and act.”

Taking the feel of a graphic novel as inspiration, audiences are bound to be entertained by the mixture of alternative and traditional pop, kwaito and hip-hop music performed live by a seven-piece band. The composers are Jon Savage and Jane Breetzke from the band Cassette.

Also featured is some spectacular gold jewellery, designed by finalists in a competition held specifically for the play, as well as some celebrity creations. It was manufactured by Andreas Salver jewellers.

The show, which will run for 10 performances at the Lyric Theatre from 24 March to 3 April, is presented by AngloGold Ashanti.

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