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City Power moves to reassure people that load shedding is not planned for Joburg. It also advises clients to use power efficiently.
THERE is no indication that there will be load shedding in Joburg this winter, says City Power, despite the recent publication of an updated load shedding schedule on its website.


Households can save electricity to avoid load sheddingHouseholds can save electricity to avoid load sheddingThis means that residents and businesses can rest assured that their daily routines will not be disrupted, says Louise Pieterse, City Power’s spokesperson.

“The load shedding schedule placed on [our] website was purely done to update our timetable in the event that there is load shedding in the future.”

Load shedding will happen if the amount of electricity consumed in the city, increases hugely. “If everybody is energy efficient, there will be less electricity used and people’s electricity bills will decrease, which is in everyone’s best interest.”

People should realise that electricity is not a cheap commodity and they should be more responsible with its use.

City Power encourages residents to “be smart” regarding saving electricity. They should switch off all appliances when they are not being used and be cautious when using appliances during peak times.

It has an Electricity Saving Campaign, that encourages people to consider the cost of operating appliances, which will help to cut their electricity bills.

For more information visit the City Power website or phone Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555.

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