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On-street parking marshals will be managing kerbside parking in the central business district from June. The system is already in place in Braamfontein.
THE second phase of Joburg’s new parking system will soon be launched in the central business district in a bid to cut congestion.


shows how the parking meter worksVincent Zungu shows how a parking meter device worksThe system will be effective from June in Jeppe, Von Wielligh, Anderson and Rissik streets. The first phase of the system has been in use in Braamfontein since December 2010.

Over 60 parking marshals with hand-held parking metre devices and portable ticket printers will be deployed in the CBD. Parking will cost R3,75 for half an hour, R7,50 for an hour and R15 for two hours.

The Johannesburg metro police department (JMPD) decided to extend the parking system into the inner city to manage kerbside parking, according to Gerrie Gerneke, the director of electronic law enforcement in the department. He was speaking at the launch at the JMPD offices on Loveday Street on 25 May.

Gerneke said that since the beginning of May, flyers had been distributed to inform motorists about the new system. “This is the only kerbside parking management system that provides the JMPD with a platform for parking law enforcement in the city,” he added.

The marshals will give parking tickets to motorists. These must be placed on their dashboards as proof of payment. Each ticket will have a unique bay number, the registration number of the vehicle as well as the expiry time for parking.

Any motorist who does not comply will be prosecuted.

“Parking is a major problem in the city and only the provision of a managed parking system will help to control this. Any parking system requires law enforcement and this function is carried out by the JMPD,” said Juliet Paulsen, the managing director of Aces Parking Services, which provides parking meter services to the City.

According to parking marshal Vincent Zungu, some motorists find it hard to adjust to the new system. “Most have become used to [it], though,” he said.

The parking system will be rolled out to more streets in the CBD in July.

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