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Businesspeople and ordinary residents will engage the City in active dialogue as it prepares to launch its draft Growth and Development Strategy, which maps out prospects for the future.
EXECUTIVE Mayor Parks Tau is calling on both businesspeople and ordinary Joburgers to engage the City in active dialogue as it prepares to launch its draft Growth and Development Strategy (GDS), which maps out prospects for the future.


Executive mayor Parks TauCity will revise the current GDS, says executive mayor Parks TauThe draft GDS will be released in July and the whole process, including comment and revising, will be concluded in September for the launch. The final document will be adopted for the next five years.

Tau used the occasion of the Inaugural Mayoral Golf Day prize-giving dinner to address a throng of politicians, civil society leaders, business execs, celebrities, sportsmen and various stakeholders about partnering the City in spearheading an agenda for social transformation and development through “coalitions”.

Earlier in the day, Tau had participated in a four-ball with various members of the Joburg business community, as a means to network and forge new partnerships.

Tau – who was reluctant to make a detailed speech as he had already psyched himself up for a “long budget speech” on Wednesday, 29 June – also reflected on his first month in office, noting that it had been about extensive discussions with both the political and administrative leadership of the City.

“We took heed of what my predecessor said that we need to take the city to the next level. So we have been seating for the past month working on how we take this city to the next level because it’s not like we were given much of a choice,” he said.

Tau indicated that the coming months until September would be spent on the “basics,” starting with revision of the GDS. “We did commit ourselves to make sure that traffic lights work, potholes are filled; [and] public lights work, because we want to engage in conversation with people on how we want to take the City forward,” he explained.

Executive mayor Parks Tau addresses businesspeople at a Mayoral Golf prize-giving dinner. Watch video.
He said the coming months would also include discussions on transformation and challenges facing the city, including poverty, hunger and underdevelopment. “We want to have a conversation about the reality that 42 percent of the people that live in Joburg are not necessarily guaranteed food every day,” he said.

Tau said he was willing to discuss jobs, transport, spatial integration, building unity and social cohesion and “building a society fundamentally different from the one we inherited.”

“We want to talk about how we can create Johannesburg as a beacon of hope for transformation,” he said. “We welcome everybody who wants to participate in this conversation to actively participate.”

He told those attending that when the City invites them to conversation they should accept the invitation with the same enthusiasm as they did to that of golf.

At the event, Tau was presented with an honorary membership to the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club and a trademark golf bag with clubs and golf shoes.

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