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Pikitup has introduced smart cards for using at its four landfills, which are expected to benefit the waste management company and users.
BUSINESSES and residents have been urged to make use of Pikitup’s high-tech smart card, which gives easier access to its four landfill sites as it does away with cash payments.

According to Pikitup’s spokesperson, Pansy Oyedele, the system was introduced to ensure the safety of staff, who will not be required to handle large amounts of cash, as well as the safety of the landfill users, who will not need to take cash when going to dump their waste.

There are other benefits as well. “The system enables fleet owners to view movements of their vehicles in and out of the landfill sites on the internet,” explains Oyedele.

It has automatic licence plate recognition and smart card billing components, all hosted online.

To apply for a smart card, individuals and businesses need to complete an application form, which they can get from any of the four landfills, or from Pikitup’s head office on the corner of Juta and Bertha streets in Braamfontein.

“Account holders will then be contacted once the cards are ready for collection,” she adds.

People who don’t use a landfill often, or those who have not applied for a card, won’t get turned away but will be given a temporary smart card. But Pikitup encourages anyone who uses or may in future use a landfill site to dispose of waste, to apply for a permanent card, says Oyedele.

For more information about the smart card, contact Pikitup on 011 712 5200 or log on to the website

Opening account
There are requirements to open the account. Businesses need to produce their company’s registration documents; certified copies of the owners’ identity documents; vehicle registration documents; and rates, water or electricity accounts in the name of the business.

If the owner sends a representative such as a driver to complete the application forms, a letter on the company’s letterhead should be presented to Pikitup giving permission for that person to sign the contract on their behalf.

If they are tenants on a property, a copy of the lease agreement also needs to be submitted.

Individuals applying for a smart card must produce certified copies of identity documents; vehicle registration documents; and rates, water or electricity accounts in the name of the person opening the account.

If they are tenants, a copy of the lease agreement needs to be submitted to Pikitup. If they do not have a formal lease agreement, an affidavit from the owner stating that they are renting needs to be submitted.

Pikitup’s four landfill sites are Ennerdale, Marie Louise, Goudkoppies and Robinson Deep.

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