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Leases are up or nearing their end at several social sites owned by the City. It will now put these sites out to tender, open to all interested parties.
THE Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) is preparing to open tenders for a variety of its popular social facilities, ranging from the Zoo Lake Bowling Club to churches, car washes and small buildings being used as businesses in Soweto, Orange Farm and Midrand.


The Zoo Lake Bowling Club is up for tenderThe Zoo Lake Bowling Club is one of the properties that will be going up for tenderThese properties’ leases have either already expired or are on the verge of expiring. “It will take between 90 and 120 days before the tenders are opened because we need to prepare the documents and send them through to council,” says the company’s public relations and media officer, Brian Mahlangu.

“Some of the leases expire this month, and some of them in the next few months, so we are considering putting out a comprehensive tender, which may delay the process further,” he adds.

When a lease expires, the JPC follows a specific procedure:

It informs the occupant of the lease’s expiry, and that the site is going to be placed on tender;
It solicits comments from other municipal-owned entities (MOEs) and City departments, as well as the ward councillor to determine if the property is not required for a municipal service;
It prepares a report for the JPC Transactions Committee that includes recommendations to the board and the City council;
It submits the approved report to the mayoral committee for consideration and approval;
It submits the second-approved report to the full council;
It prepares a bid specification document;
It advertises the tender in the press and on the website;
It evaluates the tender;
There is a meeting of the tender adjudication committee of the City of Johannesburg;
It awards the tender; and
A lease agreement is signed.
All interested parties are allowed to apply for the tender. Current tenants are permitted to stay on the premises and operate as normal until the process has been completed. At this stage, Mahlangu cannot be sure when that will be.

Rumours have been circulating for months about the fate of Zoo Lake Bowling Club and whether it will close down permanently, be turned into a helipad for the billionaire Gupta family or be developed commercially.

The club grounds, part of the Herman Eckstein Park, were donated to the people of Johannesburg in 1904 and are zoned as public space. “It must remain a bowling club,” said the club chairperson, Rhona van Zyl, “as it can’t be rezoned or sold.”

“It will stay a social site, we just need to go through these processes for the tender so that it is unbiased,” said Ashton Bodrick, the executive manager for stakeholder management and marketing at the JPC. “There is a good chance that the current club will win the tender.”

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