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The giraffes and black rhino at the Joburg zoo need your branches, if you have any of the specific trees they eat in your garden.
THE Joburg Zoo’s giraffes and black rhino need tree branches this winter and donations of their specialist fodder from the public are welcome.

Phila is the only black rhino at the zooPhila is the only black rhino at the zooThe animals are specialist browsers, which means they only eat leaves from specific trees. The zoo is home to three giraffes and one black rhino, among its 320 animals species.

According to Candice Segal, the acting brand and communication manager at the zoo, during winter there is often a shortage of leaves since the growth of trees is significantly decreased and it is difficult to find enough high quality browse.

Johannesburg is the largest man-made urban forest in the world and gardens remain greener for longer, that is why the zoo is appealing for help from residents.

“Be it a garden in your home or business, if you have any palatable indigenous plant such as acacia thorn tree, rhus/wax tree, olea/wild tree and ziziphus/buffalo tree, the animals at the zoo will greatly benefit from donated branches,” she says.

People can drop off their branches at the zoo’s service centre entrance on Upper Park Drive. For more information, contact Richard on 078 540 2043 or Patrick on 083 392 0027, or email Segal on

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