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City Power is converting all its customers to prepaid metering for electricity, allowing them to manage their own consumption.
PREPAID electricity metering is the face of the future, which is why City Power has embraced an infrastructure upgrading project to convert all of its customers to prepaid metering.

An electricity prepaid meterAn electricity prepaid meterThe campaign is aimed at all customers, including business and residential patrons, but will first target those who are having problems such as lack of access to their properties to read meters, faulty meters and illegal connections.

There are numerous benefits of converting to prepaid, of which the major two are an ability to manage electricity consumption and avoidance of billing estimations.

Converting to a prepaid meter is a painless process that is free to City Power clients. The procedure for conversion is:

Customers will receive a notice from City Power alerting them of the conversion.
The customer must call City Power at the number on the City Power notice to arrange for the conversion.
City Power will notify the customer of the date of conversion three days before the alteration is to take place.
A City Power official will arrive at the premises to remove the existing meter and replace it with a prepaid meter, and hand out the vending book.
The pre-paid meter will have five units on it; the customer must go and buy the units as soon as possible. Places to buy electricity are listed online.
If customers do not respond within seven days of the delivery of the notice from City Power, the utility reserves the right to terminate supply.
However, it has urged its customers to be vigilant of criminals who will take advantage of the upgrading programme to enter their properties posing as City Power officials.

To make sure that the person standing at your gate is in fact a legitimate official, you can ask to see their City Power identity card. It will have their name and surname, staff or contractor number, photograph and the City Power logo. Genuine representatives are also required to wear City Power reflector jackets.

For more information on the programme, call 011 490 7487/4 during business hours, phone the City’s call centre on 011 375 5555, fax 011 490 7223 or email

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