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AS Executive Mayor Parks Tau readies to deliver the annual State of the City Address on 14 April, Rea Vaya expects that he will again mention the innovative Corridors of Freedom initiative.
The annual address reports on the status of the City and outlines priorities for the year ahead. It also marks the opening of the City council and is usually attended by political, business and civic leaders, and members of the community. This year the mayor will deliver the address in Orlando, Soweto. He, along with 600 guests, will board Rea Vaya buses to Soweto at the Metro Centre in Braamfontein.
The 2014 State of the City Address will be broadcast live on Lesedi FM, Ukhozi FM and 11 community radio stations:
Alex FM (89.1 FM);
Eastwave FM (92.2 FM);
Eldos FM (87.6 FM);
Jozi FM (105.8 FM);
Rainbow FM (90.7 FM);
Mix FM (93.8 FM);
Lenz FM (93.6 FM);
Radio Today 1485 AM (DSTV Audio channel 169);
Thetha FM (100.6 FM);
UJ FM (95.4 FM); and
Wits FM (90. 5 FM).
It will also be broadcast at public viewing areas across the city. These are:
Sarafina Park;
Diepkloof Extreme Park;
Kremetart Park;
Joubert Park;
Jukskei Park;
Pennyville Park; and
Braamfischerville Park.
Progressive service delivery
As the country marks 20 years of democracy, the mayor is expected to pay particular attention to progress made in increasing residents' access to necessary services.
Over the past two decades, the City has made strides in providing basic services to previously neglected communities, introducing transport corridors, the Corridors of Freedom, connecting strategic nodes through an affordable and accessible mass public transit system.
In his 2013 address the mayor introduced the Corridors of Freedom concept, designed to bridge the economic and social divide which resulted from apartheid planning. This year, Rea Vaya expects the mayor will discuss the progress in moving this concept from idea to practice.
In the 2013 State of the City Address, Tau said, "The Corridors of Freedom is the launch of one of the largest public transportation development programmes in the history of South Africa.
Johannesburg will lead in South Africa and in Africa to link transport development with high-density housing and create viable, sustainable and integrated communities.
"We have already pioneered the first Bus Rapid Transit system when we launched Rea Vaya. This has now become the model for similar developments in other cities. Today we are taking transit-orientated development another step forward, with the introduction of a project that will forever change the urban structure of Johannesburg and eradicate the legacy of apartheid spatial planning.
"Over time we will eliminate the need for private vehicles as the City progressively moves towards an effective public transport system, cycling lanes and pedestrian walkways," he said.
Progress on rolling out the Corridors of Freedom is well underway, with residents from Sandton and Alexandra through to Soweto expressing their satisfaction with Rea Vaya services' comfort, safety and convenience.