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The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has made significant headway with the inspection and repairs of road infrastructure, traffic signals, bridges and culverts throughout the City.
This is after much of the City's road infrastructure was damaged by the abnormally heavy rains in February and March this year.

Skhumbuzo Macozoma, MD of JRA, says the JRA team worked seven days a week completing some 70% of damage caused by the floods and rehabilitating nine bridges, repairing 23 504 potholes, 7981m2 patching, skoffeling 36044m2 and clearing, unblocking and performing minor repairs on some 1819 stormwater drains, whilst ensuring that the City's 2114 traffic signals are working across the city.

The City agency committed R37million for bridge repairs after the rains, including culverts and gabions within the City of Joburg. Nine bridges within the City of Joburg were identified and prioritized for immediate repairs and progress is provided below.

• Main Road culvert, Riverbend Agricultural Holdings

Way leaves and signage is in place with speed humps erected. Survey studies have been completed. Awaiting service removal from Telkom in order to commence works.

• Felstead Road culvert, Northriding

Way leaves and signage in place. 60% of rock fill is in place and blinding of down-stand beam has been poured. JRA has concerns about the sewage line and currently in discussion with Joburg Water to finalize the matter.

• Cornelius Road culvert over Klein Jukskei River

Way leaves and safety barricading are in place. Installation of temporary lateral support to the collapsed area is complete as well as excavation and concrete pouring of a walk way to divert traffic.

• Niven Road culvert, Douglasdale

Way leaves are in place and road closure signage has been erected to divert traffic. The Contractor has opened one stop and go lane on the upstream side to allow for traffic flow and a pedestrian lane has been created. One lane will remain open throughout the course of construction. Demolition and reconstruction of the existing structure will begin on the downstream side, construction will include realignment of the roadway. JRA has discovered power lines and is in talks with Eskom in this regard.

• Riverside Road bridge, Ivory Park

Way leaves and safety barricading are in place. Lateral support to collapsed area has been completed.

• Coleraine Drive culvert, Sandton

Way leaves are in place and site establishment is complete. Construction drawings have been cancelled and JRA is awaiting new drawings from consultant. Existing pipes and cable services have been exposed and JRA is awaiting Telkom's removal of the cables which is delaying the reconstruction of the bridge. A sewage line which is in the way has been identified and JRA is in talks with Joburg Water in this regard. Excavation has commenced and JRA has encountered a huge amount of mass concrete that is currently breaking, this will be completed on 17/04/2014. Old culverts have been removed except those are under Telkom lines.

• Rehabilitation works have begun and the installation of temporary lateral support to collapsed areas on the Third Street culvert, Watercombe Street culvert and Ballyclare Drive Bridge over Braamfontein Spruit in Bryanston is complete.

Macozoma says the JRA is determined to improve the user experience on Joburg roads through modernising and deploying technology to keep traffic signals operating thereby increasing mobility and reducing accidents.

Report all road and storm water related issues, including potholes to 0860 562 874/ / twitter @MyJra./ and the new JRA Find&Fix app.

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