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City officials led the community of Westbury in a march against drugs on Friday 27 June.
MMC for Public Safety, Sello Lemao, MMC for Health and Social Development, Nonceba Molwele led the Public Safety Youth Walk Against Substance Abuse, mobilizing over 500 students in a 4km march from the Westbury Secondary School through the streets of the township. 
Officers from the Emergency Management Services entertained the crowd with drills and dance moves.
MMC Lemao urged the school kids to stay away from drugs and to report drug dealers in the community to authorities.  “As part of our GDS 2014 strategy, we have the Joburg Ten plus, where we have police officers that are dedicated to work with our community to create safer environments. We want a drug free society for our communities to be safe, we want youth with sober minds. I call upon you to work with us to fight the substance abuse in our communities,”said MMC Lemao
MMC Molwele encouraged kids to participate in sports and start food gardens in their backyards so that they can eat healthy food instead of doing drugs. 
“Educate yourselves on how to live healthy lifestyles. You are never too young to start your food garden at home and start growing your own vegetables. Get involved in extra mural activities at school so that you can be fit and healthy. Get active and play sports here at school so that you stay away from drugs.”
The school kids sang and jumped as they carried placards saying “No to drugs” and they distributed pamphlets along the streets. Drug addicts were advised to seek help from local NGOs such as the Phoenix House for Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre.