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Residents of Ivory Park, Midrand and Diepsloot are now better prepared to take advantage of opportunities opened up by the Jozi@work programme to local entrepreneurs.
This follows meetings held in the three townships, attracting thousands, to explain what the programme entails. 
Jozi@work is a City programme to tackle unemployment, poverty and inequality by giving a percentage of City services to local cooperatives and companies.  
The Regional Director for Region A; Abigail Ndlovu accompanied by Member of Parliament Richard Mdakane were at hand to explain the project to community members.
“Jozi@work will change the way the City does business and also equip communities to respond to challenges in their own backyards and be paid for doing it,” said Ndlovu.
 She urged communities to work together and support the initiative, which will see over R1 billion in City contracting serviced by an estimated 1750 new and existing community level co-operatives and enterprises, supporting 12,500 permanent livelihoods in the first year of the programme alone, with a total of 40,000 new jobs servicing the City's spend across 9 sectors by the close of the current Mayoral term.
Director Ndlovu assured the communities that the City would change the way it’s doing business to accommodate poor communities who can’t even afford to buy newspapers to read about the projects that the city is busy with. “I challenge the Jozi@work team and communications unit to make sure that we take the services to the people. We have Recreation Centres and pay points in all regions, let’s utilise the facilities at our disposal and disseminate information to our people”.
“This is not a hand out project but hands up, raise your hand and we will rope you in and run with you to better your life,” added Ndlovu.
The residents listened attentively as the presentation explained every detail from how to form a co-operative to training that is going to be offered by the City to equip the small enterprise to be able to partake in this programme. 
Chairperson of the Diepsloot Business Forum; Mzolisi Mbikwana welcomed the programme. “We are very excited about this programme and looking forward to work with the city to make this project work”.   
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