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The City of Johannesburg Health Department in Region F in partnership with the community, ward Councilor, private sector, NGO and other city department will conduct a 5km Fun Walk event on Saturday , 15 March 2014 at Diepkloof Club House, Phase 2 from 07h00 to 14h00, to promote healthy lifestyle as part of GDS 2040 vision, that buy 2040 we will have a healthy community to reduce the burden of diseases of the lifestyle such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, epilepsy and asthma

The month of March has been declared by the world health organization as TB month, 15 March will be also used as the day to empower community about TB, HIV/AIDS AND STI’s .

The 5km Fun Walk is aimed at encouraging community on how to leave a healthy life style and also to sure case the services or programmes that the City of Johannesburg Health Department offers to the community.

There will be a range of activities during the day, which include 5km fun walk, dance, aerobics and medical screening. All participating organisations will be given stalls to promote their services.

The outcome of this event is to encourage the formation of gym club’s

The 5km fun walk registration forms will be available on the day of the walk.