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The City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Parks Tau has called on investigators of the death of two boys in a stormwater pipe accident in Braamfischerville, Soweto, to establish who was accountable for the failure to secure the area.

“To hear that small children were killed in an accident that could have been prevented hurts and clearly someone did not do their job properly, and they must account,” he said shortly after visiting the site where the boys Brian Mahlantombi and Minenhle Sibanda, aged 10 and seven, were killed when one of the concrete pipes rolled on them.

“The pipes were meant for an underground stormwater drainage system project in the area by the Johannesburg Roads Agency to improve the lives of the Braamfischerville community. We are awaiting investigation reports to establish who did not do their job to secure these pipes,” the Mayor said.

He further apologised to the boys’ families when he visited their homes to express his condolences for their tragic loss and led a prayer with the local community members for them.

The Mayor said: “I was disturbed and saddened on hearing that children, small children, were killed in an accident that could have been prevented.”

“We as the City of Johannesburg are here to offer our condolences and support, and to assure you that there will be accountability for what happened,” he told the families.

The city has also committed to support the two families throughout this difficult time.