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Residents of Orange Farm have expressed eagerness to start forming cooperatives and companies within their communities through the Jozi@Work programme.
The residents reacted with enthusiasm to a presentation by Bongani Mabuse, Project Manager in the Mayor’s office, which outlined the benefits of the programme for local communities.

Members of the audience asked questions concerning the implementation of the programme.

Dominant questions on the day included where to register, how many people could form an entity and what the requirements would be to participate.

Mabuse told the audience that further information on how to pitch for work packages would be advertised in local media and encouraged them to be part of the Regional Forum which will be set up to drive the Jozi@work programme.

Jozi@work is a City initiative to address poverty, inequality and unemployment across various Regions in Johannesburg.

“With this programme, we are saying, let’s formalise the way we do business, group yourselves into cooperatives and companies; register for work packages ... get involved,” said Mabuse

According to Mabuse, each department involved will provide a scope on the type of work that would be included in the programme.

Capability Support Agencies (CSAs) will be selected through a supply chain process to act as a link between the City and cooperatives and companies.

“These CSAs will hire out the necessary material needed for those who don’t have. They will rent the material for you and recover costs from the City. You don’t even have to worry about the storage as they will also store the equipment after use. They will also offer relevant training prior to the programme and - on duty ,” Mabuse explained.

He assured communities that any eligible cooperative would be allowed to get involved in the Jozi@work programmes within their respective Regions.

“This is not a hand-out but a hands up programme. It’s not for the chosen few, it’s for everyone, from the youth to senior citizens, irrespective of what your surname is. Councillors are not involved in the procurement process.They will only monitor the progress.”