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Slovoville Clinic on the western edge of the City, has become the first health facility to go paperless, as it introduced a new electronic health information system.

With the new health source system, patients only need to register their fingerprints on the system once and thereafter, their health records will be accessed through their fingerprints.

The installation of this groundbreaking technology was enabled by a unique partnership between the City of Johannesburg and Anglo American. It is part of the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) private sector constituency which aims to improve the lives of residents.

Executive Mayor, Mpho Parks Tau welcomed the partnership. “On behalf of the city and its residents, we are honoured to have the support of the private sector. I think that one cannot express enough words of appreciation to Dr. Brink, Dr. Pienaar and your colleagues for believing in the vision of the City of Johannesburg.

“We have said to ourselves as the City, one of the key things we need to do, maybe we need to stop measuring ourselves on the activities we do, but to start measuring ourselves on the outcomes of the work that we do. What impact does our work have on the lives of the communities we serve. With the health source system in place we should be able to achieve that”.

According to Councillor Nonceba Molwele, MMC for Health and Social Development, this initiative is part of the drive of the city of Johannesburg to become a smart‎ city.

“This system will make the lives of residents and the staff in the clinic very easy and will do away with paper and missing files as they will be safely kept on the system.”
Dr Brian Brink , Chief Medical Officer at Anglo American and SADC Private Sector Constituency said he was delighted to be part of this marriage.

“I’m delighted that today the residents that used to get health services from a container or even travel to as far as Coronationville or Leratong hospitals, will now be the first in the public sector to be underpinned by an electronic health information system developed by Anglo American. I would like to congratulate the City of Johannesburg on the strides it is taking to address the quality of healthcare offered to its residents.”

Dr. Brink assured the residents that they have a great vision for the future to continue working with government to better the lives of the people.

He said they started using the health source in Mpumalanga at their coal mines in 2007 and the system has brought about huge improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of their health services.