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Kwa-Mai Mai, one of Johannesburg's oldest traditional healers market and a leading tourist attraction, has regained its spark after the City pumped more than R3.2 million into its rejuvenation.

The massive maintenance and repairs project was spearheaded by the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) after youth leaders in the community approached the Johannesburg Property Company to inject resources into the facility to enhance its appearance thereby attracting customers especially tourists into the iconic facility.

The project, carried out by the Stim Logistics-FGZ Consultants joint venture, included major maintenance and renovation aspects such as painting, paving, tiling, security upgrading, electrification, plumbing, glazing, cleaning of gutters, welding and repairing of toilet facilities.

Councillor Ruby Mathang, MMC for Economic Development, says the revamping project provided temporary employment opportunities for 52 local residents and three local suppliers. Ramatselela says the project has also exposed local youths to skills such as bricklaying, paving and landscaping so they can earn a living in near future.

Kwa-Mai Mai, which MMC Mathang describes as a special space, consists of several stalls run by authentic traditional healers in traditional regalia who use real traditional herbs and ointments to cure the sick.

The facelift, which took place under the City's massive rejuvenation programme, was aimed at attracting more tourists and ultimately stimulating the tourism sector by showcasing its traditional heritage.

The precinct also helps the local community which makes up the unique character of the market “as many families rely on the trade generated by the market foOur priority was cleanliness and the safety of the community. The precinct was overcrowded and insecure after it was neglected for a long time. It has now been given a new kiss of life. Tourists are now back and the whole area is abuzz with informal traders and business is booming like before," says MMC Mathang.