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A class act captivates ‘em at Joburg Theatre​


Set in the 1970s’ Philadelphia, Janice Honeyman’s Sister Act is, to put it modestly, a class act.

Though not solely based on Sister Act the movie, Sister Act the musical is equally as captivating, as audiences that watched the show on the opening night at the Joburg Theatre will probably attest.

From the blistering opening song Take Me to Heaven, the audience at the Mandela Stage of the Joburg Theatre on Friday night knew they were in for a great treat. Candida Mosoma as Deloris van Cartier had them eating out of the palm of her hand from the beginning right up to the end of song.

The storyline revolves around Deloris, who is brought to the church seeking refuge after witnessing a murder by her boyfriend.

Mother Superior (Kate Normington) is vehemently opposed to her being there. She maintains she will change her mind only if Deloris abides by her rules. It’s a tough ask from a woman who is used to the ways of the world. Her influence quickly rubs off on the other nuns, resulting in a hilarious comedy. There are no weak links in this 30-strong cast. Every single performer is on top of their game.

Mosoma is well supported by everyone. Toni Jean Erasmus as Sister Mary Robert and Elizca Coetzer as Sister Marty Patrick are wonderful. Charisma, vocal power, humour, it’s all there. Curtis, played by Phumi Mncayi, is everything you would want to see in a protagonist, and his three stooges are comic-timing perfection. Their antics are pulsating and at times they seem to be stealing the show.

Mother Superior and Deloris are a great pairing – supporting each other well – and endearing.

Sister Act delivers what a musical from the top drawer would. It is edgy, fast-paced, funny, sweet at times, and very powerful. Most importantly, it is pure entertainment.
The costumes, complemented by all the glitz and glamour of the setting, are simply great. The set designs for the convent and the church are stunning and add extra depth to the story.

The ensemble cast beautifully carry the harmonies and musicality throughout the show. The singing nuns – to the delight of the audience – fill the theatre with incredible sound. The musical has some great numbers that will have audiences humming along. For those looking to be entertained, Sister Act has got it.

Soaring melodies and great upbeat disco numbers will leave you singing the sisters’ praises and raising your voice in appreciation. There is still plenty of time to catch Sister Act, which runs until August 16.

The show is staged from Tuesdays to Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm.

Tickets range from R200 to R350 and are exclusively available from or by calling 0861 670 670.

Groups of 10 or more qualify for discounted rates. Call (011) 877 6853/6815.

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