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Beware of bogus City Power officials

City Power has expressed concern over customers who’ve reportedly fallen victim to crime, after having unwittingly given bogus City Power officials access to their homes. Several images of alleged impostors of City Power meter readers have gone viral on social media, pointing to the scourge.

Residents can easily identify City Power officials through their trademark uniforms and ID cards, which they’re required to wear when they’re on duty. Customers can verify the credentials of City Power employees through the meter reader verification call centre on: (011) 490 7900 / 7911 / 7553.

Meter reading is an integral part of services City Power provides to ratepayers in all areas of operation across Johannesburg. Meter reading in communities where City Power does not have a smart meter footprint is critical in ensuring accurate billing for consumers who use conventional electricity.

City Power has called on residents to grant its officials access to their properties for meter reading to ensure billing accuracy. Prepaid customers are exempt from this requirement.

Households whose meters cannot be accessed by City Power officials risk being disconnected.