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EMS issues safety tips as heatwave hits Jozi

With the mercury expected to rise to unprecedented levels this summer, the City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Services (EMS) has urged residents to use municipal pools to minimise the effects of the heatwave.

This week, the South African Weather Service warned that persistent high temperatures were expected in some parts of Johannesburg

EMS Media Liaison Officer Robert Mulaudzi says residents need to know what to do in these extreme conditions.
“It is our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing and safety of residents as temperatures are expected to reach 40°C and above,” Mulaudzi says.

He says exposure to extremely hot temperatures can lead to heat cramps, exhaustion or heat stroke. Mulaudzi has also advised residents to take heed of heatwave safety tips.

“We advise residents to keep indoors, if possible, drink lots of liquids to prevent dehydration and wear light clothing,” he says.

He says parents need to ensure that children are kept away from direct sunlight between 11am to 3pm, that they apply sunscreen on their children or make them wear hats.

High road temperatures also increase the possibility of veld fires. The hot dry and windy conditions present the threat of veld fires and people are discouraged from dumping their burning cigarettes butts on dry grass or leaving open fires unmonitored.

Those who will take the plunge in swimming pools have been advised to:

Cover the swimming pool with a safety net when not in use;
Erect a fence around the swimming pool. It should be high enough to prevent children from climbing over it. It must always be locked when not in use; and
Use local municipal swimming pool, which has lifeguards on site.​