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Pikitup board ends suspended MD's contract


Following protracted labour and legal conflicts, the board of Pikitup, a wholly owned entity of the City of Johannesburg, has ended the employment of its Managing Director, Amanda Nair, with immediate effect.
It is the view of the board that the relationship of trust with Nair, who has been on suspension, has broken down irreversibly. In addition to the facts and evidence related to procurement and disclosure, the forensic investigation and the misconduct inquiry, correspondence with Nair has become hostile to the former and current leadership of the board and the City.
Nair will be paid out the remainder of her contract, but the board has issued a letter of demand to her to recover acting allowances and remuneration in excess of upper limits paid to employees without due authorisation.  The amount being claimed by Pikitup will be held in a trust account pending the resolution of the claim.