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Dobsonville JOSHCO flats set for occupation


The development of 502 social housing units in Dobsonville, Soweto, is expected to be completed by December, with tenants set to move in as soon as early next year.

This was revealed during the Tirisano Mmogo tour of Region D, which includes Dobsonville, by the City of Johannesburg’s Members of the Mayoral Committee, officials and other stakeholders.

Success Marota, acting CEO of JOSHCO, the City's social housing entity, said of the 502 units, 152 would be one-bedroomed flats, whereas the balance would consist of two bedrooms each. A number of the 350 two-bedroomed units had been earmarked for people with disabilities. The development started in May 2014.

Residents interested in renting a flat must earn between R3 500 and R7 500 a month. Rent for single-bedroom flats has been set at between R900 and R950 a month, whereas two-bedroomed units will be available at R2 000-a-month rent.

MMC for Community Development Cllr Chris Vondo, who was part of the entourage, said the Dobsonville social housing development was part of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Cllr Parks Tau’s drive to change people’s lives.

“We came here to see the progress that has been made. When Mayor Tau outlined his priorities at the beginning of his term, one of them was to restore people’s pride and dignity and that’s exactly what this development sets out to do,” he said.

The MMC further said the development would improve public safety.

“We’re excited about the progress that has been made and this development will also benefit young people,” said Vondo.

He said the Mayor’s vision was for different parts of Johannesburg to co-exist and be integrated. He said the City was aware of the housing backlog and had put several interventions in place to reduce it.

“We’re re-stitching the City through the Corridors of Freedom and we want people to be closer together,” said MMC Vondo.

He said the Dobsonville development had created employment, especially for the youth.

Marota said the new development would continue to create more job opportunities through the Jozi@Work empowerment and employment programme. This would include the cleaning and maintenance of the flats.

“We’ve contracted SMEs from the area to work on this project and we trust that this project will bring people to their workplaces, schools and shops,” he said.

For Adelaide Mda, the new development means young people would get the opportunity to move out of their parents’ homes and start a new life.

“I’ve no words to express how much joy this development has brought me. My kids can now move out of my house and into a place they can call their own,” said Mda.

“This is more than just a block of flats. There are also lights and security guards, which makes the place safe,” she said.