Mayor Tau unveils the new-look Bruma Lake
Mayor Tau unveils the new-look Bruma Lake
More infrastructure development projects are in the pipeline to rejuvenate the area around the iconic Bruma Lake, which had fallen on hard times as a result of excessive pollution but has since been rehabilitated by the City of Johannesburg at a cost of R71.5-million.
Speaking at the official opening of the new-look Bruma Lake on Tuesday June 5, Johannesburg Executive Mayor Cllr Parks Tau announced that there were plans to build a double-storey shopping centre and a five-star hotel in the privately owned property around the area, east of Johannesburg.
“As the City of Johannesburg we would like to build relationships that will help create employment,” said Mayor Tau.
He said the City undertook the rehabilitation of Bruma Lake after receiving complaints from the community and businesspeople about the bad smell emanating from it. Hundreds of people witnessed the unveiling.
“This used to be a lake but the name has not changed; it is still known as Bruma Lake. We have redeveloped it into a park – with trees, flowers, a flowing river and a kiddies’ play area – where families can come and enjoy their picnics,” said Mayor Tau.
He said the City saw an opportunity to turn the area into a recreation space and businesspeople had shown confidence in the area.
“During the redevelopment of Bruma Lake, the City established a relationship with the local community and this will help in as far as maintenance of the park is concerned,” said Mayor Tau.
He said residents had agreed to look after the park and ensure there were no vagrants, especially at night. Mayor Tau said park rangers and security guards would be deployed to ensure it was not vandalised.
He added that the park had been designed in a way that would make it sustainable for a long time. Due to the use of natural systems, it would be easy to maintain.
Member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment and Infrastructure Services Cllr Matshidiso Mfikoe said the redevelopment of Bruma Lake had helped to enhance the environment and gave residents a place to relax.
“Spring is coming and this is a place where parents can come with their kids and friends to relax,” said MMC Mfikoe.
She said waste bins had been provided to ensure there was no littering and polluting of the river.
“This used to be a lake and now it is a river,” said MMC Mfikoe.