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​​As part of the City Libraries drive to promote its e-learning services, the City of Joburg Library and Information Services is running an e-learning essay writing competition. 

Participants need to write an English essay (600 to 800 maximum words) about how e-learning can change their lives.  They also need to demonstrate their understanding of e-learning services in libraries.

City of Johannesburg’s public libraries are a hub of education, giving residents access to books, magazines and audio materials to assist residents in their studies, career, business or personal development. 

In this information age, it is important to recognise the role that technology plays in providing access to information. The City introduced e-learning services in libraries to ensure the inclusion of residents into the digital society. 

E-learning services can be accessed in the library or remotely using the internet. The City of Joburg libraries provide the following e-learning services:
Free Wi-Fi;
E-learning classrooms equipped with computers, where users can access online courses such as coding; and
Access to e-resources such as online academic sites, online newspapers and articles. 

The City libraries have also collaborated with NGOs to provide digital skills training sessions such as digital entrepreneurship skills for aspiring entrepreneurs or digital creative writing and content creation workshops for aspiring writers. 

The City’s libraries have also introduced initiatives such as inviting school learners to participate in “e-learning quiz” competitions where learners answer quiz questions based on their school subjects, using online quiz software programs in e-learning classrooms. 

To promote digital inclusion, libraries also work with senior citizens and young children in providing basic computer skills through e-learning classrooms.

The competition, which is open to all City of Joburg residents between ages of 16 to 35, closes on 31 May 2018. Entries should be emailed to or  Participants can also request an e-learning information pack from Jeff Nyoka.