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No day off for Pikitup


PIKITUP will be working on Heritage Day, while the rest of the city takes the day off work to celebrate its diversity.

The City’s waste management entity has advised residents that rubbish will be collected as normal on 24 September.

While Pikitup will be working as usual on this day there is an important message which the company hopes will come across strongly – that by investing time and effort into a clean city today residents will be handing down a culture of responsibility and accountability for the environment to the next generation.

“This can only enrich our heritage, conserving what’s special about us as a people and building upon the city as a source of pride,” says Pikitup.

Joburg takes pride in its history and in its people. With over 3,8 million residents, it is home to all of the country’s different race and cultural groups.

However, one element could tarnish this heritage. Its cleanliness, while significantly improved compared to years gone by, still leaves a lot to be desired. An integrated waste management strategy is in place and the infrastructure to keep the city clean exists.

Pansy Jali-Oyedele, the entity’s communications manager, says that what’s missing is the culture of pride and accountability for the environment.

“Studies reflect that a clean city can largely be attributed to the culture of residents.”

This is in part the argument made by Pikitup’s Clean City campaign which has attained some success in changing the attitudes and behaviour of residents, inculcating in them a sense of pride and, more importantly, a new culture of responsibility for the cleanliness of the city and the environment in general.

For more information on Pikitup’s refuse collection schedule this Heritage Day residents can contact Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555 or email

Heritage Day is marked every year nationally. It is a public holiday on which all South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions.