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​As churches filled up yesterday and the aroma of seven colours hung in the air, a team of about 15 members from the Public Safety Department’s Community Outreach unit together with communication, Joburg Metro Police and internal affairs made its way to the Banner of Truth Ministry and Matlapeng Mall in Freedom Park, in the south of Johannesburg.

The Public Safety officials, prim in their ironed uniforms, joined the praise and worship and thereafter raised awareness and promoted issues around road safety, the use of the banned substance Galephirimi, urged residents to report officers who demand “cold drink”, crime prevention and career guidance.

“The aim of these campaigns is to create awareness to the community about the importance of these issues and to constantly remind them and be able to give practical solutions to these challenges,” said Acting Head of Public Safety Department William Mazibuko.

Sunday school children received free education on the lessons of road safety and the dangers of Galephirimi. Although it has been banned, some hawkers still sell Galephirimi to Joburg residents and it lands in the wrong hands. Criminals use it to poison dogs, people use it to commit suicide and small children swallow it thinking it’s sweets.

The team was informed that most of the children in Freedom Park walk about 5 to 10 kilometres every day to school, so the exercise of the road safety was very important to them to learn more about their safety.






Written by Nomasonto Manyehlisa