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​Dear Johannesburg Resident, 

Our City and country is faced with a massive medical emergency that has required us to drastically change how we live, move, work, play and worship as the people of Johannesburg. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus is described by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. 

Our President, His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa, has directed us as citizens to act swiftly and collectively to limit the impact of the coronavirus on our country and people. 
As the City of Johannesburg, we are moving with precision to do all that is humanly possible to respond the President’s call and to guarantee your safety and health as the 5, 5 million people that live and work in Johannesburg.

As your Mayor, together with the entire leadership and administration of the City, we assure you of our best effort and capabilities to prevent, contain and manage the spread of the coronavirus. 

We also know that to do this successfully, it requires that you as residents of the City cooperate and collaborate with the City. 

Let us heed the advice and maintain high-levels of personal hygiene, maintain social distance, avoid unnecessary travel (especially on public transport) and shy away as much as possible from public events and spaces such as taxi ranks, restaurants, churches, shopping malls etc. 

As the City we have activated our 24hr Disaster Management Centre and all our clinics and facilities have been prepared to respond to the coronavirus. We will specifically provide assistance with water and sanitation services to informal settlements and depressed areas to ease the risk of infection. 

As a City, together with you as the residents of Johannesburg, we can prevent a further spread of the virus. Let us be responsible, cooperative and calm! It is within our collective action to recover from this moment of despair.  

For further information regarding how services might be affected, please call the City’s general queries: 0860 562 874 or visit our website at​