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Residents have until 5 May 2021 to submit inputs and comments on the draft Roodepoort CBD Transport Master Plan, which is expected to enhance urban and transport aspects with a key focus on safety, informal trading, taxi services, rail environment, road network and parking systems.

As part of the master plan’s stakeholder engagement process, two public meetings took place on 21 April 2021 at Roodepoort City Hall followed by a virtual webinar the next day on 22 April 2021.  

The project seeks to position and reactivate Roodepoort as a key node by strengthening the links between South Soweto and Johannesburg including Randburg to the North East by making it a walkable, legible, and liveable city. 

The revitalisation and developments will provide high-quality, integrated and well-maintained transport infrastructure and integrated public transport systems, ensuring improved 
connectivity routes in the Roodepoort CBD that is equally sustainable for the environment by 2030.

The master plan and urban development opportunities are also expected to create compact and well-connected neighbourhoods that prioritise pedestrian movement and non-motorised transport and accessible public spaces. 

Speaking at one of the meetings, Cllr Gert Niemand of Ward 84 said that in addressing years of urban decay, inefficient transport system, poor urban connectivity, and safety management in the Roodepoort CBD, the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) will create opportunities that will bolster economic and social mobility for both users in transit and residents. 

“With the support of public and private partners, the proposed plan will address the chaotic transport environment by improving walking, cycling, taxis, bus, and rail station environment,” said Niemand. 

The plan’s implementation will promote access and use of public transport, walking and cycling to enable land use development and investments, limit street parking and encourage more pro-active management parking and identifying possible interventions to address road safety. 

As part of the City’s Complete Streets Vision, the redevelopment of the CBD will also prioritise controlled parking and encourage pedestrian-friendly routes along busy streets such as Van Wyk and Albertina Sisulu streets. 

For many residents like Nomvula Madanda, the plan will bring much-needed relief by alleviating road safety, traffic congestion and promoting mixed land use activities to public transport operators, those in transit and pedestrians. 

“The CBD currently has dilapidated infrastructure and ablution facilities at taxi ranks. We hope that with the implementation of the proposed plans, there will be well managed and functional ablution facilities,” said Madanda. 

This project will harness the potential of Roodepoort CBD and contribute significantly to increased industrial, residential, retail, and commercial activity.  
For additional comments/questions/suggestions, residents and all interested stakeholders can submit them to:

Nobuntu Ciko Duze
Mobile: 071 413 9817
Email: or 
Pumza Pamela Mvinjelwa
Tel: 083 633 2861