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​​The Music in Africa Foundation (MIAF) invites all Joburg artists, including songwriters, producers and performers to participate in the recently launched nationwide Revenue Streams for African Musicians (RSFAM) project.
The initiative is targeting nascent artists from across Johannesburg to help them improve the quality of their craft and to promote their artistic output during the lockdown, all the while earning what they deserve, says MIAF Director, Eddie Hatitye.

The MIAF is a pan-African, non-profit organisation based in Rosebank, northern Johannesburg, with satellite offices in East, West and Central Africa.
Hatitye says the Revenue Streams for African Musicians (RSFAM) project is also designed to collect and analyse data on the earning trends of music professionals across all nine provinces of South Africa.
Through participating in the project, Hatitye says working musicians will be contributing to the development of relevant legislation in favour of protecting the earnings of musicians during the lockdown.
He says the online and on-the-go project will further provide educational content and digital tools to help budding artists develop policy that protects their revenue streams.
Hatitye adds that taking part in the initiative will unlock vital opportunities for creatives in the City.
“The music industry has drastically changed throughout the years. Musicians often need support to fully understand the industry and make the right decisions,” he says.
Once the project is complete, Hatitye says local musicians will have a wider view of how legislation that protects revenue streams functions and how it can be applied within regions, practices and genres.
“We hope that it will also facilitate a deeper understanding of the key issues that need to be addressed at a policy level,” he explains.
He notes that up-and-coming artists will also be offered the opportunity to attend tailored training workshops, access to reports from the data collected, and have the advantage to acquire additional skills via free digital training content.
Joburg artists have until Saturday, 31 July to participate in the project.

Written by Gontse ‘Gee’ Hlophe