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Ditsong Museums of South Africa is collaborating with Concerts SA is hosting a series of exciting music festivals featuring some of the country’s most sought-after acts, in a bid to revive the declining support for cultural institutions.
In a series of musical showcases, the collaboration seeks to create awareness for South African art and cultural heritage post the hard Covid-19 lockdown, by bringing artists and the public closer to museums, the support for which has dwindled.
Annabelle Lebethe, the Chief Executive for Ditsong Museums of South Africa says the concept is designed to create revenue streams for local artists and cultural heritage precincts. It dovetails with the Presidency’s special employment stimulus programme, which is geared towards employment creation and retention initiatives for artists, creatives, heritage sector workers and cultural workers.
“Supporting the connection between living cultural heritage, intangible heritage and heritage through culture and art will bring new life into our heritage spaces,” Lebethe explains.
An amalgamation of eight museums, with its signature one in Johannesburg, Ditsong Museums of South Africa house a diverse collection of fauna and flora, paleontological and military history, geology, anthropology, archaeology as well as cultural history.

As part of the initiative, concert-goers will be treated to a free tour of each museum and a host of indigenous games for children to play. Families are encouraged to bring their picnic baskets and blankets to savour each experience.

Lebethe says each show will be unique. “[We welcome] new engagements with our exhibits and most of all new audiences to share and interpret our histories,” she adds. 

Each concert will feature artists from the local community, as well as some heavyweights, including famed jazz musician, songwriter and music producer Don Laka; renowned singer, composer, producer and arranger Selaelo Selota as well as soulful crooner and multi-award-winner, Berita.

Ditsong Museums say the next part of the concert series will travel to Joburg’s northern neighbour, with two shows already scheduled, before jetting down to Joburg for its last leg.