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​The already vibrant and diversified community of Brixton welcomed the new opening of the Brixton Sport Complex on 16 September 2021 by the Executive Mayor, Councillor Jolidee Matongo, along with Cllr Margaret Arnolds, the MMC for Community Development.

Brixton and surrounding areas do not only enjoy a diversity of residents in terms of education, income and cultural heritage, but have seen a large and ever-growing student population which who attend lectures at the nearby University of the Witwatersrand and University of Johannesburg.

The amenities at the centre will allow for conferencing, health and wellness training, sports seminars, televised indoor and outdoor sports competitions, daily gym activities in a fully equipped gym, community-based recreation in activity rooms and external provincial and national events.

The 24-hour access control and safe perimeter fencing will ensure secure access and maximum use of amenities by young and old in a safe environment.

Mayor Matongo said that producing excellent sports athletes takes years of training and guidance and should be identified from an early age. “Talent nurturing and identification amongst our young prospective athletes can only be done when there is sport infrastructure and opportunities in place. This occasion is a progressive initiative to ensure that talented athletes are offered an opportunity to develop their talents and therefore excel in whatever sports activities they are involved in,” he said.

He said it was important for the community to know that the centre is a place where communities can experience social cohesion, quality recreation time, mass participation and sport development in a safe environment.  

“The government has invested in the community by not only constructing this facility but ensuring programmes and opportunities for all. It must be used as a venue where the youth of this areas can channel their idle time and energy into sports activities and not in the social ills of society - abuse of alcohol and drugs or become members of gangs,” he said.

MMC Arnolds said that it was one of the most beautiful multipurpose sport centres.

“The mandate of the Sport and Recreation Directorate is to inculcate healthy lifestyle behaviour, physical activity, and participation in all levels of sport. This state-of-the-art amenity will address the social, cultural, and health needs of the community and provide the opportunities, especially for the youth to be witness to national sporting events” she said.

The complex has six sports codes, which include outdoor volleyball, tennis and inside basketball, netball, volleyball, five aside soccer and badminton.

“Phase 2 of this facility will include a swimming pool, upgraded library and caretaker’s cottage, which will provide the community with a sport, recreational and education node, catering for all community needs,” said MMC Arnolds.

Written by Muhammed Essop