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You can now take an active stand against corruption within the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) by becoming an anti-corruption ambassador. The Internal Affairs Directorate of the JMPD has launched an initiative encouraging residents to blow the whistle on officers breaking the law.​

Sergeant Frans Mabusela, a Team-Leader specialising in Pro-Active Policing within the Internal Affairs Directorate, says the JMPD is eager to enforce the highest achievable standards of professionalism and accountability within the municipal police service.

Mabusela notes that the public needs to support initiatives that promote principles of integrity within policing.

People interested in becoming #JMPDAntiCorruption ambassadors are urged to email or call 011 490 1814. Their details will then be captured on a system before they are invited to workshops. If they don’t wish for their details to be on the JMPD system, they can still actively participate in the cause of curbing corruption by reporting it and educating others about it.

“We want a JMPD that is free of corruption. The only requirement for interested parties wishing to join is to be over the age of 18,” he adds.

Mabusela is leading the recruitment of ordinary members of the public to volunteer to become #JMPDAntiCorruption ambassadors in the fight against corruption within the municipal police service, which is rampant.

“We need ordinary members of the public to keep a watchful eye on corruption within the JMPD and to blow the whistle when necessary. We want them to be our eyes and ears,” Mabusela explains.

He encourages the public to collaborate with the JMPD in taking a stand against corruption within policing.

Mabusela says part of the reward of being a #JMPDAntiCorruption ambassador will be the pride of knowing one has done their citizen duty.
“We want the public to be part of the solution and make efforts to stop corruption,” he says. 

JMPD Anti-Corruption Ambassadors will be entrusted with the responsibility of educating JMPD officers and other members of the public against unethical behaviour or corruption.

“As a country, we have to get to a point of realizing ‘enough is enough’ with corruption.”
Remember, you can report corruption and unethical behaviour among JMPD officers through four methods:

• Contact the JMPD's anti-fraud and corruption hotline: 0800 203 712
• Email complaints to
• WhatsApp: 063 253 1928 or
• Visit Wemmer Complex, at 22 Loveday Street, Marshalltown.

Written by Brümilda Swartbooi