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​The City of Johannesburg, under the leadership of Executive Mayor Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda, calls on residents to heed calls to change their electricity usage habits and reduce consumption. This is crucial to ensure a stable power supply and avoid a total collapse of the local grid, which would have devastating consequences.

In response to ongoing challenges with energy demand and to maintain power system stability, City Power has announced a series of load reduction measures.

“City Power is committed to providing reliable and sustainable electricity to all customers,” says Councillor Jack Sekwaila, a Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Environment, Infrastructure and Services in the City of Johannesburg. 

“We understand the inconvenience caused by these measures, but our systems are under critical strain due to high electricity demand, compounded by illegal connections that further burden the grid.”

What is load reduction?

Load reduction is a temporary measure taken to avoid overloading the power system during peak hours. It involves temporarily reducing electricity supply in identified areas with high energy consumption. This will involve switching off power for two hours during peak periods:
Mornings: 4am – 10am
Evenings: 4pm – 10pm

City Power will also remotely switch off geysers equipped with ripple receivers in areas with high demand. They appeal to all customers to voluntarily reduce their electricity consumption wherever possible.

Additional Measures
Load Limiting: From July, City Power will implement load limiting through smart meters, offering customers a way to reduce consumption without complete power shutoff.
Solar Geyser Initiative: The City is installing solar geysers in low-income households to further reduce the load on the grid.
Load Curtailment Agreements: City Power is signing agreements with large power users and businesses to request reduced production during peak periods, alleviating pressure on the grid.
Combating Illegal Connections: City Power continues efforts to remove illegal connections, further reducing strain on the network.

These measures are essential to prevent system overload and protect crucial infrastructure. City Power has recorded a significant increase in peak evening loads in some areas, with consumption rising by 65% compared to summer months.

“In recent weeks, City Power has issued warnings to residents urging them to use electricity sparingly,” added Councillor Sekwaila. 

“We reiterate this call. If residents cooperate by reducing their electricity usage, we can bring an end to load reduction.”

Energy-saving tips
Switch off appliances when not in use.
Use energy-efficient appliances.
Minimise air conditioning and heater usage.
Turn off pool pumps and geysers when high power warnings are issued.
Boil water only as needed; use a flask to keep it hot.
Avoid using ovens for heating.
Prepare meals outside of peak times whenever possible.

“Since June 10th, 2024, City Power has been communicating load reduction schedules to affected areas through all official channels,” says Councillor Sekwaila. 

“We also emphasise the importance of allowing technicians to work safely without threats of violence or equipment theft. We will not respond to calls in areas where such incidents occur, prioritising the safety of our personnel.”

Written by Virgil James

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