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​Newly elected Council Speaker in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Nonceba Molwele, will embark on roadshows to educate communities about the work of council.

Cllr Molwele has identified public participation in council processes as a key priority of her tenure.

“Communities must be involved in the work of council and use available outlets to raise their concerns," she says.

Cllr Molwele says educating community members about the role of councillors will go a long way towards reducing community protests.

As Speaker, Cllr Molwele presides over council and leads the Legislature, which holds the executive, led by the mayor, to account.

Cllr Molwele promises to restore the decorum of council by being non-partisan in her handling of debates in council and says she'll be reaching out to all parties to ensure their cooperation.

She says the Government of Local Unity now in place in Joburg will provide an outlet for all councillors, including those in opposition benches, to have their say in an orderly fashion.

 “My role is to unify council," she says. “I will abide by the law and by the standing rules of council. I will work with all parties."