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​​Museum Africa
Museum Africa is situated in the heart of the Newtown Cultural Precinct, it is the Johannesburg's leading history museum. It is housed in what was the first purpose built fruit and vegetable market build in 1913, which at the time was a fine example of the advances made in industrial building techniques. In 1990 the market building was imaginatively adapted to house Museum Africa, a new museum hat opened its doors in 1994 the year of South Africa's non-racial, democratic elections.  The Museum offers a variety of programs to enrich the classroom experience.


(A picture of the façade)


Displays in Museum Africa present a wide spectrum and experience for Learners:

  • Leaners can ask question about the past
  • Leaners will be able to illustrate the historical concepts such as race and segregation.
  • Leaners identify socio-economic and political power relations.
  • Formulate an argument and reach and independent conclusion using a variety of sources and evidence.
  • Learners will communicate historical knowledge and undemanding


    Some of the few examples of long term or permanent exhibitions include the following:


    World War One

     This exhibition showcase the role of South African forces during WW1 as well as reflecting different areas where these forces were deployed due to dominion status, the exhibition features a major event that is still commemorated in South Africa annually, i.e. the sinking of the Mendi.


    (A picture of the WW1 exhibition)


    Gandhi's Johannesburg

    Showcasing Johannesburg's buildings and places associated with Mahatma Gandhi while his resistance to discrimination is identified. His experiences in Johannesburg from 1903 to 1913 shaped his philosophy of the Satyagraha or the passive resistance. It was from here that his ideas of peaceful struggle spread across the world.


    (A picture of the Gandhi exhibition)

    Johannesburg Transformations

    Take the ramp up from the entrance and explore the history of Johannesburg.

    •             The archaeological exhibition.

    •             Early Geology of Johannesburg

    •             Johannesburg's early inhabitants: the hunter-gatherers​
  •               Johannesburg's first Iron Age community: the Tswanas. 

(A picture of the Johannesburg Transformation)


Inside Museum Africa you also get the Bensusan Museum of Photography and Library and the Geology Museum

The latter being having in its collection more than 17,000 specimen is particularly strong in South African rocks and minerals and South African economic geology, as well as an international collection that includes many rare and beautiful specimens. These displays will open your eyes to the exciting world of geology all around us.


(A picture if the Geology Museum)


The Bensusan Museum of Photography and Library

It has a collection of items from the earliest days (170 year ago) of photography up to modern aspects

as well as fun Interactive exhibits. The Photo Gallery has changing/short term/temporary photographic exhibitions, and the photographic library has a large collection of material on all aspects of photography.


(A picture of the Bensusan Museum and or maybe the library)


Temporary Exhibitions.

Museum Africa has a two year dynamic temporary exhibition Program.



How to contact Museum Africa

121 Lillian Ngoyi (formerly Bree) Street




P.O. Box 517




 Contact Details

Tel: 011 833 5624

Fax: 011 833 5636



Tuesday – Sunday 09h00 till 17h00

Closed on Mondays, Easter Weekend, Christmas day and Day of Goodwill

Free Entrance.