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​​Dion Chang loves the 'pioneer town'
download (16).jpgThings get done in Joburg, says the trends analyst - and he can't see himself living anywhere but in the city of gold.Besides the urban forest and the great climate, trends analyst and fashion journalist and consultant Dion Chang loves living in the "pioneer town" that Joburg is, where "things get done".

​Although he was born in Pretoria, he has been in the city for the past 20 years and couldn't see himself living anywhere else. "I have had work offers elsewhere, but I prefer being here."

He particularly likes the resurgence of public art in the city over the past year or two. "I am completely in love with the eland in Braamfontein." The huge concrete eland at the start of Jan Smuts Avenue, the creation of artist Clive van den Berg, was unveiled in October this year.

He also likes the metal trees that have been erected in the suburb.

Chang studied fashion design at the then Natal Technikon in Durban, but has also been a make-up artist, fashion editor on several publications, a judge for magazine and fashion awards, a TV presenter, and has produced a book based on his cartoon character, Gloria.

His company, Flux Trends, launched the first Flux Trends Review in September this year. He consults on fashion and other trends and is a fashion columnist for Elle magazine, for which he has received several awards.

One thing he is particularly looking forward to in Joburg is the Gautrain , which is scheduled to start running in 2010. "I can't wait for the Gautrain; I will be using the line to the airport particularly. I will be quite happily sitting on a train going places," he says.

He lives in Parktown North, and likes the High Street feel of the suburb, with its varied restaurants. Chang also enjoys taking in the city's art galleries, like the Goodman, Momo, the Warren Siebrits, Art Extra and the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

"I like the brash, creative energy of Joburg, but also the gentle side, like 44 Stanley Avenue." The latter is a small enclave of shops and restaurants in Milpark, created by the conversion of former offices.

However, he misses the clubs downtown, most of which have moved into the suburbs.

Unlike many city folk who want to retire out of Joburg to the stillness and space of the Karoo, Chang sees himself staying in town, possibly buying a flat in the flatlands just below the Rosebank Mall. From there he could easily walk to the mall where he would enjoy the great bookshops, among other things on offer.​