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​Emergency Contacts​
​What to do in an emergency
Contact the emergency number
Try to remain calm​Identify the emergency motor accident, building fire, heart attack and so on
Give your name and contact details
State the nature of the incidentIndicate the number of people or vehicles involved
Give the physical address and nearest corner or landmarkRemain on the line as long as possible to answer the operator's questions.
​Nationwide Emergency Response​
Dial the telephone number 10111 from anywhere in South Africa. A call centre operator will answer the incoming call, take all necessary particulars and assign the complaint to a Flying Squad patrol vehicle, or the local police station, to attend the incident.
​City of Johannesburg Emergency Connect. 
011 37 55 911 - A 24-hour emergency services relating to all-life threatening situations, including ambulances, fire engines and metro police.
​Information services
​Community Aids Information and Support Centre -​011 725 6710/21​​
​Metro hotline- 0860 562 874​
​Metro Communications - ​011 407 6111​​

​​​24-hour helpline: 011 688 1400
Web site:​​​
Report gas leaks and faults-​011 726 3138
​After hours-​011 726 4702
Government numbers

Report a crime  086001-0111

Report unfair conduct by a government official 080011-2040

Report corruption in or out of government 080060-0933

Report unfair conduct by police (012) 320-0431

HIV/Aids support 080001-2322

Joburg Anti-Corruption Unit 0800 002587 (toll free)​

​​Emergency contacts 

More ​​emergency contacts
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