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main-qimg-068f9c98249279ef44e5f6b5cf09e5c4.png​​​Every time you open a new service account with the City you have to pay a deposit. All residents, sectional title holders and business properties must pay a deposit equal to two months' deemed consumption.
Foreigners need to pay a deposit equal to six months’ deemed consumption to open a service account.
You however, do not pay a deposit for assessment rates accounts.
Reclaiming deposits

Deposits are refunded after you have made an application for a refund at the Thuso house customer service centre, 61 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein. You will need to fill in a refund ​application form.

In most cases, refunds take the form of a credit on outstanding accounts rather than cash payments. Interest is not paid on deposits.

To reclaim your deposit, phone Joburg Connect on 0860 562 874 and obtain a reference number. Ask that the account be finalised and ask whether the money will be deposited into your bank account. Entrance to the building is in Stiemens Street, at the back of the building. Parking is available inside the building on the first floor.

If you would prefer, you can have the cheque posted to you or deposited directly into your account. ​