All new accounts will be charged a deposit equal to the average consumption of two months’ services.

Deemed consumption is taken on the history of the previous owner’s account, or in the case of a new dwelling, on the township average. Some people will, therefore, pay a larger deposit than others to open their account.

Deemed consumption will be averaged on new accounts over the first six months and thereafter they will be automatically regulated. The City will adjust the deposit and reflect it on the account as either a credit or a debit.

Foreigners are required to pay a deposit of six months’ deemed consumption.

Credit checks
The City implemented new credit control and debt collection by-laws in 2006.

Credit checks are now done on all new account applications. No person or company will be denied the right to open an account to receive basic water and electricity services, or to be billed for rates.

However, the City can request additional guarantees over and above the deposit, to cover the assumed risk.