Opening an account
Opening an account

Once you have bought your property, you will have to apply for the municipal services to your property to be put into your name. Go to your nearest Customer Service Centre  and Complete the Application for the Supply of Water and Electricity contract. Remember, you will need to pay a deposit of two months estimated consumption for local residents and six months for foreigners.

Rates accounts will automatically be created in your name, as the new property owner, as soon as transfer is registered at the Deeds Office.

Buyer Opening an Account

Documents required with the application:
•Applicant’s identity document;

•Copy of owner’s ID if the applicant is a tenant;

•Spouse’s details and ID;

•Spouse’s employer details;

•Next of kin details;

•Bank account details;

•Monthly income; and

•Meter readings and numbers.

If you are applying in the name of a business, a body corporate, or a tenant, additional information is needed:
•Founding statement for a close corporation or trust;

•Certificate of establishment of a body corporate;

•Company registration number;

•Company letterhead and authorised signatory details;

•Lease agreement in the case of a tenant; and

•Offer to purchase if transfer of ownership is not yet registered.

Before buying a sectional title, ensure that all service charges are paid in full by the body corporate or find out if the services to the unit you are buying are rendered individually.​