Property Developments
Property Developments

There has been huge growth in property development in Johannesburg over the past few years. While this is a positive reflection on the economy, it does present the City with certain challenges.

We have put together a checklist of questions to ask if you are planning to buy into a new development, or if you are planning a new development. This information will help you to make an informed decision – and even save you time and money later on.

For Buyers:
•Have the planning rights been approved by the City's Development Planning and Urban Management department?

•Did the surveyor-general approve the diagrams for the development?

•Have building plans been approved for the development?

•If it is a township development, has the township register been opened?

•Is the township a proclaimed township?

•If it is not proclaimed, are the clauses that protect the buyer in terms of the relevant proclaimed legislation included in the contract?

•Does the developer have permission from the City to sell erven in the township development?

•Are all the services for the development installed?

•Has the City approved and granted clearances for the services?

•Has the developer paid all the contributions outstanding on the township?

•Has the developer complied with all the conditions relating to the development?

•Has the City granted clearance for the transfer of erven from the township?

•If building plans have been approved and the building has been built, has the City issued a Certificate of Occupancy?

For Developers:

A large number of applications are returned because the City has no notification of the existence of the new development. By ensuring that all the relevant information is provided when you make your application for Clearance Certificates for new developments or townships, you are assured of a quick response.

In each case it is recommended that you provide written proof of the actions.

This information is required for developers to receive all certificates (section 64 and 82, a Clearance Certificate for less formal township establishment, and a Clearance Certificate in terms of the development facilitation):

Has building started?
•Have building plans been submitted to the City’s Building Plans department for approval?

•Have the building plans been approved?

•Do you have a water connection on your site?

•Provide proof of payment for the installation of the water connection.

•Provide the water account number.

•Do you have an electricity connection on your site?

•Provide proof of payments for installation of the electricity connection.

•Provide the electricity account number.

•List the date of submission of building plans.

•This is the specific information required to receive a Clearance Certificate for less formal township establishments (Act 113 of 1991):

•Has there been an official provincial government notice proclaiming that erven may be sold?

•What was the date of the government notice?

•What was the date of submission of building plans?

•What was the date of approval of building plans?

•This is the specific information required to receive a Clearance Certificate in terms of the Development Facilitation Act (Act 67 of 1995):

•Proclamation notice.

•Section 38 certificate.

•Date of submission of building plans.

•Date of approval of building plans.