Metropolitan Police Department
Metropolitan Police Department

JMPD in action


In the City's Growth and Development Strategy one of the priorities is dealing with crime.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) has a "broken window approach" of dealing with the small issues of crime alongside the bigger ones. In terms of this philosophy, the prevention of smaller crimes is believed to have a knock-on effect, helping to cut more serious crimes. The JMPD manages and co-ordinates the City's crime prevention strategy, which includes:

Preventative policing and patrolling of high-risk areas;
Establishing an information management system to share crime data with the South African Police Service (SAPS);
CCTV in public places;
Anti-fraud technology;
Signs warning pedestrians and tourists of risk areas;
Effective street lighting in high risk areas;
Private security partnerships and partnerships with businesses in high crime areas;
Family and community programmes for high risk areas; and
Community policing forum partnerships.
In addition to crime prevention, by-law enforcement is a core competence of local government. The City's by-laws have been amended and the JMPD will promote awareness and ensure enforcement of these by-laws