Programme and Projects
Programme and Projects

13 November 2006

Programmes and projects 

Quick facts

Metrobus covers specific routes to accommodate people with disabilities.

Metrobus has a number of programmes and projects :

  • Social responsibility programme - in partnership with the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market and the Johannesburg Zoo, Metrobus runs a project to take underprivileged children to the zoo. It transports these groups to and from the zoo once a month.
  • Special services section - Metrobus recognises the importance of an integrated service catering for disabled people. A dedicated department, the special service section, has been established to cater solely for services for people with disabilities.

Its six special needs buses run on the following routes:

  • Soweto to Johannesburg;
  • Alexandra to Johannesburg;
  • Naturena to Johannesburg;
  • Johannesburg to Sandton;
  • Soweto to Soweto; and
  • Soweto to Eldorado Park.

These routes were designed to cater for disabled passengers, to transport them to and from their workplaces.

Special stickers are displayed at the front of the bus to notify commuters. The buses have ramps that align with the pavement to make wheelchair access easy. They also have dedicated wheelchair spaces complete with seatbelts that lock the wheelchairs to the floor.

A special prepaid tag system is also available for people with disabilities.