Vision, Mission and Objectives
Vision, Mission and Objectives

13 November 2006

Vision, mission and objectives



The transport company's vision is to be a world-class African bus service across the greater Johannesburg metro.


Its mission is to provide customer-friendly public bus transport within greater Johannesburg. To do this, it has distilled its aims, as follows:

  • Innovation - Metrobus will continuously look for ways to grow its business and introduce cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing methods and technologies.
  • Safety - it will ensure that its passengers are always safe and its bus operators will be the best trained in the country.
  • Reliability - it will provide a reliable, punctual service.
  • Efficiency - it will provide a cost-efficient service to ensure fares are kept as low as possible.
  • Sustainability - it will be financially viable and will produce above-industry-average profitability through efficient resource allocation and management.
  • Environmental consciousness - it will ensure that its buses do not pollute the environment.
  • Customer-focused - it will ensure that buses are clean and comfortable and that its operators are trained in customer services.
  • Continuous learning - it will encourage staff and their families to learn, with special focus on their health, safety and social wellbeing.


Key objectives

Metrobus aims to turn public transport in Joburg into a professionally run operation.

To reach this objective, the company has studied commuters' needs and has invested heavily in technology and new vehicles to improve its service.