REFUNDS are given on credit balances and deposits once a City account has been closed. They are also issued for inactive accounts that have a credit balance.

Three categories are:

  • Refund categories
  • Clearance Certificate
  • Most refunds are made on the issuing of a Clearance Certificate.

All property holders are required to pay an average of two months' deemed consumption when they buy a property, as per section 118 of the Municipal Finance Management Act. Foreigners are required to pay six months' deemed consumption to apply for services.

This section also requires that debt of up to two years should be paid before a Clearance Certificate can be issued.

On selling the property, the owner must apply for a Clearance Certificate to prove that municipal accounts are paid up. The sale of a property will not be registered before the Clearance Certificate has been issued.

Change of ownership has to be effected before a refund will be issued. If an overpayment is reflected once the account has been finalised, this will be refunded to the account holder.

When a business is sold or no longer exists and the account balance reflects a credit, the amount will be refunded.

Documents needed:

  • Original ID of person collecting cheque;
  • Original company registration document;
  • Company letter with directors/members authorising collection and collector's details;
  • Proof of directorship from registrar of companies;
  • If a cheque is to be made out in a different name, there must be a signed authorisation by all directors/members.