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​​Interest Charges Query​
An Interest Adjustment Committee exists to examine interest charges on customers' accounts. The Committee is mandated to consider writing off interest charges on customers’ accounts in certain circumstances, for example, when you want to settle your account in full but are financially unable to pay off the interest. If you wish to apply to the Interest Adjustment Committee, you must do so in writing and provide a motivation as to why the Committee should consider reversing your interest. 

The following documentation must accompany the application:

a copy of your account
a copy of your ID book
income and expenditure
proof of earnings

However, interest write-offs can only be considered if:

your account has been fully settled; or
you have made arrangements to settle the account in full
A Copy of the ID book and the income and expenditure does not have to be supplied on full settlement requests. Only when requesting extended pay off periods.

The applications must be addressed and HAND DELIVERED to:

Application for Interest Reversal
Credit Control Reception, 
Floor 01, Thuso House, 
61 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein,

The entrance to the building is in Stiemens Street.

The Committee takes a maximum of one month to make its decision. The letter advising you of the decision will be sent to the name and address as it appears on the application. As each individual case is reviewed on its own merit, there is no guarantee that your request will be approved. The decision of the Committee is final.

Any appeal to the interest adjustment must be made in writing to the committee with reasons for the appeal clearly stated.